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BIRTHDAY WEEK - Day 5 - Ladybug party

OK, this birthday week is veeeeeeeeeeery long :) yes, for me it lasts almost tree months. Time passes so fast that it really does feels that way.

Anyhow, this will be last post in this series and I hope you will like this one very much cos this party is a party for a GIRL!!! YAY!!! And, it was for my little ladybug.

Lets start from the invitation. I found inspiration somewhere on Pinterest and just customized it to suite us :)

And now let me tell you something about our outfits. :)

For the birthday girl I made a red and black tutu. If you missed the post about how to make one, here it is.

When I made first one, I didn't follow any size chart, so it came up too big for my girl. This one, I made smaller, and it fits perfectly.

I had a bit of trouble finding the plain white onesie (for some strange reason every onesie I did find had some applique on it! Grgrgrr) At the end I found one (Waikiki is the store to go if you ever need to buy one and you are local) And then I took it the print shop and have this printed on it:

Feel free to use it if you need it (in a case you need better resolution contact me and I will send it to you by email)

And while we are talking about printing on t-shirts, here is what duoBro had on his

I don't have a single photo of him where this sign is visible but trust me it was cool :) And yes, I had a trouble finding plain red tee for him as well, but somehow I manage to find it :)

And of course, me and duoTATA, also had to keep up with the kids and had to this color combination as well, so it was red and white for us too

(here is a little something to share:  after a long time I actually sewed something, and it was this skirt! YEY!!! Will share how-to very soon, it was ridiculously easy and I'm soooo happy with the result)

OK, for the decorations I made flower and ladybug garlands. Unfortunately I lost the PDFs but if I manage to find some free time I will make them again and share.

Of course, we used only red balloons.

And we played a little game – put a dot on ladybug :) just use a really big paper, draw a huge ladybug, but without dots and make some circles out of black paper. Give each child a dot, spin them first and let them put a dot on ladybug :) simple, but cute :)

And I also cut the circle in this huge lady bug so we can pretend to be a ladybugs. Here is the result

For this party I just didn't have time to make a cake, so we order the cake from one lady and if you are local you can find her here on FB.

And last but not least we celabrated this Birthday in Trebevićki raj! I can say only the best about this place and their service. Anything you want and need they will provide. As you can imagine, I have big standards, and I almost always have at least one thing to complain about (I am perfectionist, so...) and for these guys I don't have single one. They rule!!! And they have my recommendations for all of you who are searching for the place to celebrate something (even if it is not nice weather they have the inside space so you don't have to worrie about the rain) HERE is their FB page.

Ah, I almost forgot a thank you card. 

We had a great day and surely enjoy in every second...

That is all for now.


  1. Sjajno!
    Obožavam tematske rođendane, a ovo je definitivno motivacija i inspiracija za sledeći.
    Zvrčica je preslatka, prava mala bubamara!
    Uživam u idejama i predivnim fotografijama!

    1. Hvala puno! Mnogo mi znaci kada se jave mame koje su isto vrijedne i kreativne ;)