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Baby growth - month by month

Remember the idea about keeping track of your baby growth?! Here is inspiration if you need it :)

If you read yesterdays post, then you know that duoSIS is now 1!!! (it still takes time to accept that), so I'm done with all 12 photos of her and I'm about to show you our final result :)

I didn't kept you updated about that little project, but I've been doing that photo shooting every month, with no excuses :) if you started this project yourself, then you know it is not so easy to remember to do it every month, you have to set up the props you were using, dress you baby especially for that occasion and I guess you and the baby have to be in good mood... so, it is not an easy job, and you got to force yourself to get it done, but trust me, when you see the final photo, you will be so proud and excited that you have something like that forever :)

Anyway, to keep story short, I played a bit with all those pics and here is the final result.

And here is the sneak preview of our entry room wall where we can enjoy those photos every day. I will make post about making those frames and tips to arrange them later on :)

And one more thing, before I sign out, you can keep track of your baby (actually toddler now) growth month by month, even after he/she turns one, but my plan is to do something else, much easier: take photo on every birthday with the number (you can go check again yesterdays post and see how duoSIS is holding number one)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Preslatka princeza! i odlicna ideja, imacu je na umu :)