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I happen to be IT engineer, but I'm always looking for some other, new and interesting things, to do and try. So I really like crafting, sewing, cooking, painting, decorating, reading books, oriental dancing, traveling... Oh, I really like traveling. Let's say me and my hubby like traveling so much that our little boy already visited Croatia(few times), Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Greece and Turkey, and he is just 3 years old! Our little girl was only in Croatia, but you have to give her extra credit cos she was only 40 days old at that time. If you have any suggestions about good places to visit, on budget, kids friendly, please, please, send me an email.

Other passion we share is photography. That story started like something we would like to learn so we can have nice photos, but it developed in huge love. We are even working as a wedding photographers now. There are some plans to expand our little business, but we are still in brainstorming phase.

You want to know more? Ok, here it is…

As you could figure out, I have hubby, duoTATA, and he is my soul-mate, my love, my support and he is handsome too :) We are together 12 years (yes, I was still in highschool when we started dating), so I guess it's a steady relationship. Of course, we have our bad moments, but we always find the way to solve issues and problems. I'm lucky to have him.
I'm also a mom to a little boy, duoBRO, who is 3 and really unique because if you near him, you just can't stay immune to him. He is very smart, talkative, explorer, but very demanding. And he is obsessed with trains.
And I'm mom to a baby girl, duoSIS, who is 6 months old and everything you would expect a girl would be: nice, beautiful and she so easy to love.

We live in Sarajevo, and I dare to say that we are happy to live here.

Later on I will add more info about me, but that's it for now.

Thanks for stopping in and reading. Please come back. Bring friends.  E-mail me when you want.