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Challenge day

I have totally failed on last challenge :-( Those sick days just didn't allow us any socialization without risk to infect someone. So we didn't had many chances to compliment anyone. We will try to do this during next few days, but I must say that we will work harder to accomplish new challenge.

And here is the new challenge: write a letter or postcard and send it to someone by Post.

We already sent some photos to my mother-in-low two weeks ago, and  I can't say who was happier when postman showed up just on time, she or we :-) that reminded me how great was the feeling when you receive some letter and the excitement when you are opening the envelope... I really hope this kind of communication won't be lost forever.

We are going to try to surprise someone with the postman's visit, again :-)


Shaving cream on the mirror play with cars

Did you ever thought that it is possible to have fun with a shaving cream? Trust me, it is :)

For this activity you will need:

- shaving cream
- mirror
- cars - lots of them
- something to cover the floor (to protect it, just in case)

Just put the cream on the mirror and let the fun begin.

This is how we started:

And it just got better and better. This little guy couldn't stop saying how he is happy and how this is fun :)

It kept him busy for at least an hour. 

And after the cream started to disappear we did some sensory play. :)  

Since it was such a great success, we repeat it pretty soon. But second time we pushed it further, again, and added colors to the shaving cream. And we added boats to the play as well.

I know it looks like a big mess and it kinda is, but I think it is worth it, because it was a great play. And all you have to do, after the play is finished, is to put the mirror and cars in bathtub and clean them with some water.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Sick days

I guess you have begin to wander did I gave up writing this blog... No! But we had a really tough week :-( firstly duoBRO got sick with a flu and then I got the same thing, and it hit me really bad. And all I can say now is that I hope that wounds will heal soon.

It all made me be even more thankful for the good health, because really, the worthiest gift you can ever have is your good health. Without it almost nothing matters.

My post about gratitude for health somehow got unpublished when I had all that mess with photos on the blog, so I am republishing it again cos I think it should not be lost.

Another thing I was so thankful this week was having our relatives so close to us. Especially my mum and my mother-in-low. I would not survive this week without them! Literally!!! And my dad and father-in-low who are always here to help us.
Thank you all for everything you are doing for us. You are awesome and we love you so much!

I really hope everything will go back on track very soon and we will have our regular rhythm of life.

I hope you guys, who are reading this, had better days then we, and that you are ready for the new week.

Thanks for stopping by.


4 generations

Remember how I promised to show you a International woman's day present which we made for my mom and grandma?! Well here it is

I've seen this idea long time ago and thought how amazing it is. 

As soon as duoSIS was born, and my grandma visited us, we took the photos with the frame. But we waited for little girl to grow, so she would be able to sit, because like that she would look better on the photo then as baby laying down.

Anyway, this it the final result and I can't express with the words how happy I am to have photo like this :)

I must say, you have to be very lucky! First of all you must have 4 living generations of a family, AND you have to be lucky enough to have them all in same gender. Of course, you can make a photo with 'boys and girls' but I think it wouldn't be so impressive.

If you are among those lucky ones who can still have photo like this, feel free to contact us, we will help you to make it ;)

Have a nice day.


Painting with cars

Here is super simple, but super fun activity. But be warn, it can get messy :)

This is what you need: 
  • little cars (try to find ones with different texture on the wheels)
  • paint
  • paper
  • plastic plate to put and mix paints

And let the fun and creativity begin.

This little guy is not such a fun of painting, but when you add some boyish stuff like cars, he is overjoyed :)

We did this a couple of times and every time was a huge hit. We've always planed a bath time after it, so that we can clean all the cars.


Thank for dropping in.


Happy international women's day

And here is the first card made just for me :)


8th of March, International Women's Day

Did you already buy presents or flowers for the special women in your life? Or you made it yourself?

I don't know who will read this, so I will just shortly explain that International Women's Day in this part of the world, is celebrated something like Mother's day in USA. Except, not only mothers receive a presents and flowers, but also sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, coworkers, etc. I wouldn't mind this at all if the original cause for this day wasn't lost, but somehow it did. When I was at school, no one ever talk to me, on this day, about the great women who did great things during the history in the fields of science, art, politics, society, etc. 

Anyway, I know that a lot of women appreciate this day (my grandma most of all :) ), so I really forced myself to do some interesting stuff related to this day.

First of all, I realized an amazing idea for the presents for my mum and my grandma, but unfortunately I can't still share it here (psst, be here on Tuesday, I think you will like it ;) )

In addition to these presents we made some paper flowers. 

My dear friend share this idea to me, and she actually found it here.

On the same page we found this printable and made a card, which we will send to my mother-in-low.

I really hope that they won't see today's post, but I decided to take a risk and share these ideas just as an inspiration if you want to make same things (you still have time :-) )

And the last but not the least, this is our present for the lovely teachers in duoBRO kindergarten. We hope that they will like and enjoy it, cos we worked very hard to make the cookies and the basket arrangement :)

That's it. :)

Thank you for reading.


Challenge day

Obzirom da sam 'izazov' napisala na bosankom jeziku, onda ću tako nastaviti i sa opisom realizacije :)

Imala sam ideju da Dan državnosti proslavimo u parku, sa nekoliko bliskih prijatelja i da zovemo sve slučajne prolaznike da nam se pridruže. Već sam pripremila žute i plave balone, krede za crtanje zastava, kreone za crtanje po licu... čak su svi potvrdili da će doći i da će pozvati još raje, ali nažalost plan nam je propao :'( naime, dan prije, i na sam praznik, je vrijeme bilo skroz loše, tako da od odlaska u park nije bilo ništa.

Ipak, mi smo kod kuće iskoristili skoro sve što smo pripremili. Evo par sličica

Prvo smo napuhali balone: 
Onda smo napravili zastavu:

I još smo crtali zvjezdice po licu:

Kasnije smo uspjeli i prošetati, pa smo brojali zastave. 

Uglavnom, drago mi je što smo uspjeli odgovoriti na ovaj zadatak. DuoBro sada pokazuje našu zastavu gdje god je ugleda :)

Ok, back to English :)

Here is the challenge for the next week (this is an easy one again): compliment someone. 

Whenever you see someone wearing a nice outfit or jewelry, or is just nice to you, give her/him a compliment. This always brings a smile to their face and gives you a nice feeling. It's a little thing, but can really light up someone's day when they are feeling down.
(source for the idea: http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/)


Photo nightmare

This is not post related to photography, but it is related to photos.

I'm having big problems with photos on this blog!!! :( they are all messed up, and I'm trying to make it work properly again so I don't have a free time to write a new posts (grhrghrgrhrgr!)

So sorry if you are trying to see some older posts and photos won't display. I hope I will fix it soon. 

Have a nice day.



My dear Facebook friends, do you remember this:

 Well, here is an updated version:

Instead of using electrical tape, I used the masking tape now. It is much, much better, easier to place, very easy to remove, and it's cheaper.

This activity is so creative, it can be different every time you try it. With this you can help your kid learn left and right, learn about traffic rules, if they are old enough you can help them in reading skills. You see how we put name at the end of every line? Those are names of duoBRO best friends so we tried to read a bit, because he already knows the letters. We also added some places we usually visit like kindergarten, mall, playground, swimming pool, or daddy's office.

My tasks for him would go something like this 'start at your house, go down the green street and pick up a friend, and then go to swimming pool together'

Of course, you must listen and follow your child, so for example we had a crash accident and had to call the police :)

Here are few more details:

I hope you will try this one.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thankful thoughts

Here is the most important thing I'm thankful for: health of my family!

This post could on, and on, and on, because we should really be aware of this great gift, but I will keep it very simple.

I'm thankful that we wake up every morning without any pains and don't use any medications. I'm thankful that we can see, listen, hear, taste, smell...I'm thankful that we can walk, run, jump... I'm thankful that we can eat any kind of food and don't have any problem with it (but I must say that we try very hard to eat as healthy as possible). I'm thankful that we can kiss and hug each other and know what it means!

No matter what stage of life we are in, I’m sure all of us are, or would like to be, thankful for our health.

Instead of thankful thoughts

The first month of my blogging is over, so instead of thankful thoughts I'm gonna write a review of my experience so far.

First of all I must thank you all for reading this blog and for coming back here :) The messages of encouragement when I announced that I started to blog meant so much to me. All your comments for some posts were very motivating and definitely showed me that I should continue with this 'little' project. 

But, as you might have noticed, I gave myself a pretty tough task to blog every day. Even if I had at least ten posts written before blog started, it was a big challenge to keep up this schedule. I think in the near future I will have to change it. However, I will stick to it during March.

This stretches me more than I thought I could handle, but in the good way. Because of this, I finish things that normally I would put a side. I think more about so many stuff. And I see things in different perspective. I also explore, read, look, imagine and find inspiration, not just for the things currently interesting for me, but for the ones I will use in the future projects or the things other people might find interesting and useful. The only thing that hasn't change is my relation to my family. They are still my biggest priority and I think that I would do everything what I'm doing with them, no matter blogging or not.

For the last thing in this post I will show you a bit of statistics. At first I didn't plan to share this, but I've done a little research just to check how well am I doing, and guess what, for the first month I'm doing really good :) But it is hard to find this kind of informations, so to ease any other blogger looking for it, here are my stats for the first month of blogging:

 And here are links to top 3 posts for this month:

I'm happy because all top three posts are different type of activities and belong to different days in the schedule, so I guess you are interested in all the things I babble about :)

I don't want to make this post ridiculously long, so I will stop now!

Thank you once more for reading, and supporting, and please feel free to comment here when ever you like or send me an email, ask questions, suggest changes, or anything what comes to your mind...

Have a nice day.


Enjoy the moment