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Instead of thankful thoughts

The first month of my blogging is over, so instead of thankful thoughts I'm gonna write a review of my experience so far.

First of all I must thank you all for reading this blog and for coming back here :) The messages of encouragement when I announced that I started to blog meant so much to me. All your comments for some posts were very motivating and definitely showed me that I should continue with this 'little' project. 

But, as you might have noticed, I gave myself a pretty tough task to blog every day. Even if I had at least ten posts written before blog started, it was a big challenge to keep up this schedule. I think in the near future I will have to change it. However, I will stick to it during March.

This stretches me more than I thought I could handle, but in the good way. Because of this, I finish things that normally I would put a side. I think more about so many stuff. And I see things in different perspective. I also explore, read, look, imagine and find inspiration, not just for the things currently interesting for me, but for the ones I will use in the future projects or the things other people might find interesting and useful. The only thing that hasn't change is my relation to my family. They are still my biggest priority and I think that I would do everything what I'm doing with them, no matter blogging or not.

For the last thing in this post I will show you a bit of statistics. At first I didn't plan to share this, but I've done a little research just to check how well am I doing, and guess what, for the first month I'm doing really good :) But it is hard to find this kind of informations, so to ease any other blogger looking for it, here are my stats for the first month of blogging:

 And here are links to top 3 posts for this month:

I'm happy because all top three posts are different type of activities and belong to different days in the schedule, so I guess you are interested in all the things I babble about :)

I don't want to make this post ridiculously long, so I will stop now!

Thank you once more for reading, and supporting, and please feel free to comment here when ever you like or send me an email, ask questions, suggest changes, or anything what comes to your mind...

Have a nice day.

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