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Tutu skirt / DIY

I wanted to make one of those cute tutu skirts for duoSIS for a long time, but somehow never forced myself to actually do it. So, few days ago I have finally bought some tulle and made one.

The main purpose for it is to be a photo prop, so be sure to read Tuesday's posts, to see how it looks like on photos. But, it is really cute and little girls don't need special occasion to look cute, so they can wear tutu anytime.

The one I made is no sew tutu. You can find sooooo many tutorials how to do it, either using regular browsers, or on the Pinterest, so I won't even try to write one (it would be complete waste of time). However, I will give you links for my personal favorite tutorials just to make it easier for you if you decide to make one too.

Here we go:

1. DIY No Sew Tutu for Little Girls - this one I followed

2. DIY: A Pink Ombre TuTuTorial - you can make it using elastic headband and ombre colors

3. The tutu skirtor you can use ribbon to knot the tulle, and you can also add the ribbons and scrap fabrics to the skirt

If you make one, please feel free to send me a picture of it. I would really like to see how it looks and which color combinations did you use (I know I will definitely make one more :) )

Have a nice day and lovely weekend.

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