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Hot Wheels Garage

It's official, I'm a terrible blogger! But it is also official that having two sick kids and blogging just don't work together! When we finally were finished with all those flues, we had some workers in our home, but I will write about the details hopefully in some future posts :)  

I just want to say, I'm not giving up. :) I have sooooooooooo many things to write about but soooooooooo little free time. I really like and enjoy to share different activities and ideas and I will give my best to get back on tracks. And I feel so wonderful when I get a feedback from some of you guys who are reading this that you really enjoy and like what I do. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT! Love you all!

OK, enough with babbling :) I own you one more car activity for your little car lovers.

Is there anywhere a boy who has too many hot wheels cars?! I don't think so! :) So here is an idea how you can, sort them but also play, and it will make an easy job for you to find THE ONE they are looking for, when you are at the door and already late to be somewhere (familiar with this situation?!)

Basically you just have to use a toilet paper roles and put them in the shoe box. The trick is to find a box with perfect sizes. The one we used is 30x24x10 cm.

On the inside of the cover we draw roads, parking lots, fire station, hospital, etc. It is not a play-mat but it is OK for some play. This can be great for playing in the car if you are traveling with the kids. 

And when a play is over, park all the cars in their spaces, and close the box. Score! :)

Thanks for reading and please don't give up on coming back here just jet.


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  2. Skupljam već dugo rolne od papira i pitam se šta s njima.
    Evo jedne od ideja koje ću sigurno realizovati, hvala!

    1. Bit ce jos ideja za iskoristavanje ovakih rolnica ;) samo polako...