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Barefoot books/songs

It was never my intention to present my parenting as a 'all the time playing with the kids' type, cos I'm not. My kids must play alone sometime during the day and find the way to amuse themselves and they both watch TV, well actually YouTube :-) I know what all the wise doctors and experts for kids say about watching TV but I just wander do all those wise heads have kids? How many of them? What type of kids? For example, duoBRO will not eat if he is not occupied by cartoons. Is it wrong?! Yes! Did I try to change that? Absolutely. Did it work? NO! So, between eating with cartoons and not eating at all, I definitely choose the first option.

I don't want to preach but I want to say that, in my opinion, letting your kids watch TV for some time would not kill them or even 'damage' them, and it will save your nerves to use them in the more important situations.

However, I definitely control what they are watching. Call me whatever you want, but I don't think that watching 'Tom and Jerry' is suitable for my kid - good thing that he even doesn't like that type of cartoons. :)
But hay, we passed the 'Gummy Bear phase', and duoSIS is still at 'Mama voli bebu phase'.

Anyway, I wanted to share something we all, and I really mean all 4 of us, enjoy to watch and listen. I don't know if you came across with the Barefoot books and songs but we think all their stuff are amazing. So beautiful and so suitable for kids. We love the animations and all different styles of music.

I will give you link for our favorite ones but explore the rest as well. I hope you will like it.

duoSIS favorite is:

We All Go Traveling By

duoBRO prefers the one with the train (oh what a surprise :) )

Magic Train Ride

duoTATA likes this one:

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

And the song I love is this one:

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush


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