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BIRTHDAY WEEK - Day 4 - Transportation party

OK, new week started, but I own you a birthday number 4 ideas, so here we go

Can you believe it, but duoBRO asked for a train party, AGAIN!?! All my tries to change it to something else failed. Only thing I could do to make it at least little bit different is to add some vehicles, so there were also a boat, a car, a plane and a truck.

Here is the invitation for this party:

As it says on the the invitation, we celebrated this time in the playground, so there was no option for a lot of things to do by ourself, but here is what we did:

And because I couldn't do more, I decided to make all three cakes for this birthday.

First one duoBRO took to his kindergarten

It was carrot cake, very simple to make, but delicious. And all kids that come to our home loooove it. I promise I will share recipe very soon (I just have to make it in original shape :) )

The cake number two was the same taste, but different shape, and it was for little party at home, just for the family.

And The Cake number 3 was for the big party

It was chocolate cake and, as I was already asked few times to share recipe, I will, hopefully tomorrow. So be sure to come back here :)

With this photo I leave you for now.

I hope you liked this and thank you for stopping by.

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