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BIRTHDAY WEEK - Day 2 - Train party

By the time duoBRO reached second year, train obsession was already there. So, here comes the train, choo, choo...

If you have a train fan in your home you are going to love this. 

Let's start.

Here is invitation. Even if I don't like photos on the invitations so much, I just had to put this one :)

Next photo is far from perfect but is the best I've got where all decorations are visible.

The color scheme was: green-blue-orange, so mostly everything was in those colors.

Garlands are made from 'hamer' paper (I already explained in some earlier post that is the thick paper and I don't know the right name in English for it). I had prepared the 'happy birthday' sign to print, but for some reason I didn't, so I just used temperas and wrote the sign.

Labels on the juices are also custom made.

With this, kids and parents could know which juice belongs to whom.

If you want to use this here is the label without the name:

I used Hobo fonts (you can download it here ) but you can change it and use some other fonts, of course.

I actually made a train out of cardboard boxes for this birthday. It took me quite a lot of time to build and paint it, but it was worth it cos our boy was thrilled with it and played in it for hours (and later we used those wagons as a toy boxes for a quite some time :) ).

I don't have the photos of the process of making it, but I can tell you that I used: 4 boxes and regular white wall paint, I just added pigments to get to color I wanted.

duoBRO t-shirt has a applique on it, which is also made according to the theme. Here is the bigger picture:

And at the end, I will show you how our cake looked like:

I hope you liked this even more that the first party. If so, come back tomorrow :) we have more things to share :)

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