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Simple Valentine's decoration

I wanted to share something I made for little DuoSis, but since the Valentine’s Day is approaching, I figured out it would be better idea to post something with hearts :)

OK, here is our ‘decoration wall’ (it is our seasonal and holiday display :)) for this Valentine’s Day.

Actually I wanted to do something like this, but when I cut all the toilet paper rolls and saw how many hearts I would have to color, I gave up (if your kid likes to color or play with colors I think you can still do it. Mine is not so interested in coloring). 

Anyhow, I changed plan and used red paper and stapler to make hearts like this: 

(please ignore different light on the pictures - I couldn't finish this all at once, so that's the reason for different color :))

Cut the strips (approximately 2 cm x 20 cm but you can play with the size), fold paper strip in half, curve them little bit with fingers, and join two ends with stapler. 

And there you have it, cute little red hearts. Just put them on the wall using double sided tape, or blue tack...

Here is another idea, play stamping with your kid and make cute Valentine's postcards. 

Here is the source for the instructions if you need them.

Of course that we had to try even more shapes, so we got this:

Next Thursday I will show you something I made few years ago, but I like it so much that I'm still using it for the Valentine's decorations.

Thanks for reading.  

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