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Playing with water and colors

Even if it is winter and not really good time for playing with water, we did it anyway. I didn't want to miss DuoBro fascination with colors, so we did this small experiment just to visaulize mixing of primary colors.

You will need:
  • 9 glasses
  • Food colors (although I'm pretty sure any paints will do, as long as they can color the water) – red, blue, green
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Cute little helper :)

Divide glasses into groups of three, and add water into two of them (they should be full). Glass in the middle should be empty.

Add food colors to the water. You see my little helper here? :)

Place the paper towels into the glasses and wait :)

Water will start to travel up the towel and empty glass will start filling (I guess 30 minutes is needed for this).

It keeps filling until there is an even amount of water in each glass and of course you will get secondary color according to the primary colors used (be patient is takes two hours for this :) )
Here is what you get in the end.

(I have no idea why yellow-orange-red did not even - I think we didn't put enough paper towel)

This was huge hit and we all liked it very much. You must admit it is beautiful. DuoBro waited in front of the glasses at least 45 minutes and was so excited to see how water started to drop in empty glass. We left home after that, and when we came back he was trilled to see what other colors were there.

Great experiment for learning about the colors and capillary action.

Try it with your kids and let us know did you like it. We are going to repeat this as soon as summer comes.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Prelijepo :) Sad me podsjecas na moju mamu sta je sve radila (bila je vaspitac) i sramota me :)))) al ona pozitivna sramota, podsjetnik da su neke stvati u djetinjstvu neprocjenjive :)

    1. Hvala puno za komentar Jasmina :-) zaista zelim da sebe jos vise, a i druge inspirisem da makimalno iskoristimo vrijeme koje imamo, jer sve tako brzo prolazi... pusa

  2. Znači stvarno funkcioniše,onda mora da se proba ovih dana :-) Videla sam na par blogova,ali sam bila pomalo skeptična

    1. Funkcioniše i vrijedi probati :)