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Chinese New Year

I just couldn"t resist and had to make a post about out little celebration for the Chinese New Year which started on 31.01.2014 (and this is the year of Horse). We called some dear friends to come over to celebrate and have fun with us.

So this is what we did...

I had an idea to make masks and let the boys do the coloring, but it was really to much for them and luckily I saw that as soon as I cut this shape, so coloring was done by me :) I found printable for this mask here

Aren't they just adorable little Dragon Warriors?!

And after the game with masks was over, we had a little workshop where we made this dancing dragons and learned 'The great race story'. Do you know that one? I didn't, but as a preparation for this day I learned it and told it to the boys. You can read it hereThey liked it and thought it is really cool that they are tigers in the Chinese Zodiac. 
I don't have photos to show how we made the dancing dragons, but I think you can see it is not to difficult :)

And for the last activity I made them these red envelopes for their lucky money (I guess kids in China receive more money, but I gave them just few coins).

And that's it. 

Hope you like this.

Thanks for reading.

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