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N is for Nora

I really liked this photo idea when I saw it long time ago and I wanted to do something like this with my kid.

However, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting my baby on pavement, especially cos we don't live in house, so we don't own even smallest patch which I could clean properly. And, we took the photos during December, so there was no way to use pavement anyway. But I was't ready to give up on this idea, so here is what I came up with.

I bought big, thick paper (I have no idea what is the name in English for it, but here it is calles 'hamer' and I think it is A1 paper). I used chalks to write an N, and placed my sweet little girl on it and take a few shots. At home :) nice, clean and warm. I even got this funny face :)

Yes I know, there is no texture, but I'm happy with this result. Look at the right side of photo... see how she messed up the line with her feet? She is just always moving her legs like she is dancing, and I'm happy it is secretly showed in this photo :)

And of course, as soon as shooting was finished, the N become train tracks :) He sees some kind of connection with trains in almost everything :)

Just to mention that you don't need super fancy photo camera for this, any camera will do. I even think that you can get great photo just by using camera on your phone.

Oh yes, one more advice if you gonna try this: try to make a photo when the baby is really small. I wanted to, but it is like that when you want to make photos with your kids, always thinking there is time, but believe me, there is no time, they grow so fast.

Thanks for stopping by.

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